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Meditate on Apps

So many articles about freeing our minds with meditation apps:

10 Best Meditation Apps

15 Best Meditation and Mindfulness Apps (Our Selection for 2019)

How about just, free (no cost) – that’s freeing but some of these have subscriptions.

Free Mindfulness Apps Worthy of Your Attention

I have utilized the curriculum for working with youth from  Stop, Breathe, Think | Guided Meditation I recommended this for teachers of elementary through high school to sign up for free updates and how best to use the tools in class. They give a lifetime premium free account for TEACHERS! https://www.stopbreathethink.com/educators/

Love that!


Busy Bodies

I’m thinking about the conversation I had with a new yoga student about how I left a Type A life after watching many women going manic about making a perfectly perfect perception of their selves and lives. One thing that I had resembled and now resent is being busy. And granted I had small children and your mind is super busy with panic and decisions outside of your own needs, so that makes a ton of sense. Then, as my kids grew and I found myself volunteering for about 2 things for each school organization, scouts and HOA… I was like Whoa. I’m “b-u-s-y.” But then as time went on and tasks and check boxes and lists grew and grew, things got easier and I wasn’t busy – I was just committed. I hear this phrase all the time and I think those saying the B-word are reaching for appreciation and need a sense of value. You might be “dedicating” yourself to your career or going dead from it. I saw this article and thought – yes. Someone might get it and good for them!

Why I Stopped Being Busy

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What’s so cool about mindfulness? A teen’s blog.

I was thinking to find out what this means to many different people and I came across a great blog for teens.

Teens shouldn’t be anxious, scared or feel threatened or numb to life – they just got their legs and many are needing a way to feel grounded and present.

I hope you share this blog with teens that have these mind-scattered feelings and could use some methods by teens for teens.

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Mind Full of Music

Lately, I’ve been highly engaged in music for yoga sequences, looking at BPMs and trying to match them with the speed of movements for class flows. One of my yoga students that is a music DJ mentioned that I could figure out BPMs from Spotify, so I would collect music and orchestrate my flows with some idea for how high or low I want the intensity to match breathing and rhythm.

Another sound I started noticing more were these crystal bowls, at the International Day of Yoga performances and just the other day at the end of an aerial class.  They had me tightly swaddled in the silk cocoon during savasana set to sleep like a baby, and then roaring sound of singing bowls took my mind to another depth, one I could barely return from but was pleasantly eager to stay in.

I came across this article:

How these otherworldly sounds may help you hear your way to a happier, healthier you.

… and I woke up to the fact that sound can be the active tool of therapy, alone without moving. I am excited about practicing with these types of sounds in evening sequences, slowing things down and being more still. Hoping these binaural beats might help me meditate, so I posted in the Mind section. Listen for yourself – comment below.