Who wants to live forever? Or to 100…

I probably have some aggressive goals to see as many grandkids as I can handle, but in the meantime, and the mealtime, I am going to keep learning about how to manage nutrition as part of it all.

You are what you eat might mean I’m a bean – black bean, coffee, or just a nut.

Found this to be interesting:

What to Eat to Live to 100

What we can learn from the eating and living habits of the world’s longest-lived people.

And reading the famous books by Michael Pollan – here’s a bite:

7 Rules for Eating

Choose Food Over Food-Like Substances, Food Writer Michael Pollan Tells CDC

This summer I hope to build a magic eating plan that works for my family.

Good luck to you and your generations…

Here’s a start:

  • Oatmeal Bowl with all kinds of stuff in it, or Grit Bowl with proteins. This way I don’t have to feel like I’m drinking a meal. Never like that anyway.
  • Squirreling up energy with nuts, and nut milks and butters.
  • Make more greens appear in my life and take up most of the plate.


Body, yoga


You have probably heard of B.K.S Iyengar. He was one of the greatest yoga teachers of the world and played an important role in bringing yoga to the West. He was born on 14th December 1918, and was not a healthy child. Influenza left him weak and sickly. He suffered from malaria, TB, typhoid fever and general […]


Body, yoga


What started off as a playful challenge one vacation eve with Mrs. T, has turned into a daily physical and mental (because it’s on your head) challenge among friends.

So please read this article to better understand our mission and the million funny photos of us upside down. I pity the fool that won’t try it themselves. You can check my bullet journal site for updates on any of these benefits that I’ve experienced.



This is only Day 15 – Gimme Props


Yoga Music

Everyone knows I’m a dancer, first, then a yoga strike-a-poser. I haven’t really done much yoga to music and I find that I’m more focused in silence, OHMs, or listening to my breath. I caught myself ‘enjoying the silence’ in the absence of car radio music, but realized I was listening to the wind like when I’m riding my bike, a white noise I didn’t really know I liked. I’ve started becoming aware of the sounds around my work campus. I listen to trees and birds but mainly use my hearing senses to hear the bus and gage how long before I miss it toting my laptop and mega-sized purse with, sometimes with/sans carefully-maneuvered coffee mug. I added Yogi music to spotify account, but not feeling it much. It would please me so much if I could coordinate yoga practice to music I feel makes me breathe, maybe faster than deeper, but I’d work on it.

I found this article: A Rock ‘N’ Roll Yoga Flow To Jumpstart Your Day by Mary Clare Sweet

So I’ve decided to find more musicians and other celebs that are influenced by their yoga life including The Beatles, Mick Jagger, as stated in this article. There really are a lot of followers, maybe because classes are so expensive, celebs generally fall in line with this social bridging, but hopefully it’s to maximize their days on earth. HELL-O! “Here comes the sun” It’s been a hard day’s night, and now I’m feelin’ downward dog. 😉

FIND OUT WHICH 43 Celebrities [Who] Swear By Yoga

#17 MY FAVORITE YOGI – I really had no idea that her whole Ray of Light stretch was about the Shanti spiritual realm and yoga practice… maybe had I been doing “yoga” I could have recognized it. So let’s listen and maybe cherish the stretch and “OPEN our HEARTS” to some Shanti, Shanti…

gaga yoga

Well, then again… There’s my Gaga in my favorite Bikram pose. Just won’t choose between them, but I know I love Bikram, sweat and tears. They say its competitive and I remember hoping that one day I’d be tapped to join a team, but then I thought – it’s not about that… and when it is, it’s no longer about self.

Here Comes The Sun