yoga, teach, repeat.

The Impact of Yoga on My Life

Yoga kickstarted a lifestyle that I had followed in my younger years, but after having kids had somewhat left exercising for rainy days. Once I started yoga, I rekindled my love for running, first at the gym and then outside. Soon, I was trying my renewed energy at tennis, rock climbing, hiking, biking and started a headstand challenge last summer. I have always loved dancing and expressive movement, and this just added meaning to the stretching I have been doing most of my life. It wasn’t until I started suffering from gastrointestinal health problems, that I started realizing how yoga helped me strengthen my body within, particularly through breathing.

I started practicing Baptiste yoga with Awakened Yoga Studio through my office fitness program in 2015. Shortly after I explored Bikram hot yoga, aerial yoga, restorative Yin yoga, kemetic, hatha yoga, but mainly following vinyasa flow techniques.

Just to explore various practice, I’ve visited practically every yoga studio in our city, started to know more yoga trainers, and seek out classes in other cities while traveling for work. I’ve been practicing breathing techniques daily, postures at home where I created a little yoga sanctuary for meditation with a tiny library of books including BKS Iyengar teachings, and other teaching aids to build sequences.


Yoga Teacher Aspirations

I plan to teach within my community and let this be something I can grow to expand outside of just my own practice.  It’s my passion to introduce yoga to everyone, because I feel like it’s the missing piece and the missing peace of our lives. You should learn new tools to expand your mind, move your body, and connect to your soul in whichever way appeals to you. 

My other mission is to teach teens to use meditation and yoga to get them through stressful times and help them grow to have patience and inner strength. When I was teaching elementary, I taught some poses during recess and the 5th graders loved to execute them and wanted new ones each day. I feel like it’s a great way to help kids focus, connect their mind and bodies just like in music, arts, and sports.

Currently, my students come to me from a prescription of physical therapy or a decision to finally get around to self-care or mental space from the anxieties of life. I feel that my students have found a special space to enjoy inner reflection and health improvement, whether it be with yogic practice or exploring movement and rhythm with dance fitness.

We learn together, as it should be. 


Photo cred: @mybeautifulphotos2017

Focus on energy. Stay present. Keep moving.