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Calming the mind via breath

Today, I wanted to find an article about alternate nostril breathing – nadi shodhana so that I can teach this in classes as a way to practice breath without a specific asana. This is something you could do when you are at home, at work, at school and definitely when you are feeling negative, or need – a – moment moments, a reset button for centering…

We’ll practice this one in class and keep this here for homework.



Pranayama Practice 

Yesterday at the International Day of Yoga, Robert Boustany led us into our breathing practices.  I was excited because I’ve been holding my breath waiting for the day I could get to his classes. I searched the web to find the basic exercises he went through and wanted to share this article:

‘This Is the Fastest Way to Calm Down’ ~TIME Health We charge our cells phones every night, but how do you recharge your mind? The secret may be in your

Source: Pranayama: The Beginner’s Guide to Yoga Breathing Exercises


Yoga does not stink!

As you know I’ve tried the world of vinyasa and bikram (hot house) studios in Houston, Sugar Land, Midtown, Downtown over the years. The big question is not “Are you sore?. No, it’s “Doesn’t it smell?”

No. Well, it depends. Most studios and other spaces for yoga have an air conditioning system that with great circulation systems and vents. I have never been so put off by any studio due to scents.

But I do, love breathing as sort of a past-time so I like diffusers, candles, and incense when I can get it. These days, many studios know that the scent of a room can trigger allergies and generally do not burn scents.

I don’t only wait to practice pranayama breathing techniques for when I am secluded to my room, I practice in the car, at my desk, and practically anywhere. Sometimes a beautiful sunrise will remind me to breathe in the beauty of the world, and I start there…

Take a deep inhale.