A growth plan

So of the near ten seeds I’ve tried growing, only one has survived and another shows some positive signs. 

If there are any botanists out there, what is that plant growing with my avocado?  There looks like a small sprouting plant that’s not supposed to be there. While I’m posting this, we just finished the movie, Martian, so “Go Botanists!” is my feeling right now. 

I’m taking up the GIY movement. Can I coin that one please? Grow It Yourself – GIY. 

 I even saved the egg shells and coffee grounds as advised. Maybe that’s what has helped this crop of two along. Before I tried planting them in the backyard and they burnt to a crisp in the Houston summertime. So I think this shaded part of the front patio area is better.  
Coming soon to a new planter…  

The one I’m pointing to has a small growth and each of the seeds are cracking so it’s expected to open soon. Well it’s winter now. One out of four of these would be an okay ratio considering I’ve gotten this far since 2011. 


The Seeds 2.015

It is sad to note that Ava Cado did not make it past the 5 inch mark, but the farm must go on! Since I killed a few white lilies, I took their beds and dropped in a few more avocado seeds and placed them in the front yard. We will see if location, location, location is all it takes to change the next seedlings fates. Big plus is that they stay at the front door. How can I forget them now?


Avocado Farm Report 15 April 2012

This is our start. These seeds are huge and have already sprouted nicely. This makes for an exciting science experiment because these start to grow pretty quickly and look amazing.


DIY Avocado Farm!



Ava Cadeau

First of the farm. She auditioned for major roles in Little Shop of Horrors and Aliens.


Oui, she has a French name too.
I want to say I started growing this seed in the Summer of 2011, because I had lots of time. That’s after I was finding myself hanging around the HEB guacamole counter samples all day. So I also realized my love for the color of fresh avocado. See living room wall paint below.