A growth plan

So of the near ten seeds I've tried growing, only one has survived and another shows some positive signs.  If there are any botanists out there, what is that plant growing with my avocado?  There looks like a small sprouting plant that's not supposed to be there. While I'm posting this, we just finished the… Continue reading A growth plan


Avocado Farm Report 15 April 2012

This is our start. These seeds are huge and have already sprouted nicely. This makes for an exciting science experiment because these start to grow pretty quickly and look amazing. Related articles How to Eat Hass Avocados (avocadocentral.com) Super Food: Avocado (beachybrunette.com) Quick & Easy Avocado Recipes (avocadocentral.com) Definition: Avocado Oil (bellasugar.com) DIY Avocado Farm!… Continue reading Avocado Farm Report 15 April 2012