Avocado Uses 

So many uses for when I get this farm growing. I really need some tips in cultivating these plants. They die so fast after I get them sprouted. What am I doing wrong, because I now need to eat them and smoosh them on my face more?! Well at least coconut oil doesnt go bad… Continue reading Avocado Uses 

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A Greener We Will Go

Hubs really craved to recreate this cilantro pesto turkey sandwich from a restaurant we tried in Montrose. We couldn't find this kind of pesto, so had to make it from some recipes online. Pretty strong on the cilantro-ness, but pretty good compliment to turkey, free shavocado and swiss. Plus, new avocado plant seedling. Green, green,… Continue reading A Greener We Will Go


Avocados Can Balance Hormones, Boost Metabolism, And Fight Disease

Avocados were avoided for decades since they were regarded as a fatty food. However, most of the fat in an avocado is monounsaturated, which can prevent heart disease and certain cancers, and can actually lower cholesterol. Luckily, it seems that the popularity of avocados has grown as a result of the traditional understanding of healthy fats,…… Continue reading Avocados Can Balance Hormones, Boost Metabolism, And Fight Disease