Party Mode

Generally, I so out of party mode because of all the events I put on and the holidays, come February I’m all partied out. But I think it’s the weather that has me seeking social events and summer even before the spring. I had a small trip to Arizona, and although I didn’t get to eagle pose on the mountain tops, I got the fever for a sun salutation. 

Well, VJ ThaKidB was downloading his retro videos and came across this one for my dancing mood.  Siouxie & The Banshees Mix – Peek A Boo and Kiss Them For Me Plus there’s all this India motif and lotuses. Kinda makes me wonder if she’s a yogi. Gonna go look her up on Twitter and ask her. 

So along with going to see The Cure, more aging anxiety comes from my highschool wanting to do another reunion. Geez what would we have but old music and telling each other how enlightened we are about our parents, now being one. It is interesting how people moved and changed careers and how we all seemed to have come back. I wonder if except my little lunch group and my library friends will they remember me? I was like one of four Asians in my elementary. Maybe it doesn’t matter cause we all have Facebook and we’ll just talk politics and hate each other all over again. What to do about people you don’t want to be reunited with? I hope it will be all dancing and less networking. If I get on the planning committee, I’ll let you know how it goes. What was your highschool reunion like? Comment below. 

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