What did one wise owl salt shaker say to another wise owl pepper shaker? They both started dropping the verse: “Salt N Peppa’s here and we’re owls in effect…

It’s my new tonic. I just keep this bottle on the table and fill my water bottle with a little to give it a hint of flavor. I know most people think it’s odd, but it does seem to keep me feeling rejuvenated because of the water, first, then the other benefits of apple cider vinegar -ACV.

So here’s the claims:


I hope I’m making it cool by rebranding it with mysterious acronyms.Regardless it’s supposed to help with vitamin absorption.

So came across this pros and cons list to beat myself over and it concluded:

One thing that apple cider vinegar is high in is acetic acid. Like other acids, acetic acid can increase your body’s absorption of important minerals from the foods you eat. Therefore, it is possible that drinking a mild tonic of vinegar and water just before meals might improve your body’s ability to absorb the essential minerals locked in foods. Apple cider vinegar might help you get more out of your leafy greens!  Full article


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