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Posture for prosperity

Poor posture, compromised gait patterns and less daily walking lead me to think that people under 30 in particular, but also others tied to electronic devices throughout their lives, have a heightened risk of early aging. Carrying heavy backpacks or sports bags causes the hips to thrust back to maintain walking balance when the shoulders are hunched forward. By age 50, people may already be at risk of losing their balance.

Glad that I came across this article because it’s not about yoga but about posture. I’ll have to say that maybe for the desire to seem as tall as all the other kids in elementary, I stood really tall, stretching and tippy-toeing to great heights so that the class photo wouldn’t have a dip in the front row. Even now in photos or not, I remind myself to always take in a huge breath of fresh air and stretch every day to set my posture straight for the day.

Today was a paticularly rough day with lots of walk-pounding around briskly from building to building across campus maneuvering people fast and furiously through a day of meeting choreography. Phone calls, emails, verbal directions, repeat. I’m amazed I don’t have a headache. Kids have a long day of events too. I rush to the mall to get that really cheap Chinese food. After having to part half way across the mall due to construction, forgot my money and my mind in my car far, far away. Chinese food place was closed for inspection (scratched off list of eateries) leaving Sbarro’s pizza. Yuck. I’m walking with two large pizzas boxes dragging ass through the mall slower than a snail. A lady who’s retired her sit bones deep into a chair snickers and yells at me “looks like you got dinner.” I just stopped my in my mini-steps and started laughing. I know I was in slo-mo and she made me realize it. I offered her a slice and we laughed at our exhaustion. Now, after two pizza slices, I’m reading this article and thinking about how I was so slumped.

If I don’t watch it, I might loose my kindergarten posture.

Some of my Facebook friends may remember this photo. Stand up straight.  Going to add a photo of my favorite spine aligning posture here soon.

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