gingerly good tea time

For Christmas, I received some black mango tea from my friend. Thank you Jen of the Wilderness,  for the even more exciting infuser water bottle to keep me healthily hydrated this year. 

I ran to the store to get cucumber and lemons for my newest concoction. Everyone has been talking about ginger tea so I sliced up some root and dropped this in first. 

For the refreshing cool beverage, I stuck it in the fridge. But everyone knows I quit drinking cold water and prefer room temperature or hot drinks, so to keep the veggies fresh I leave it in the fridge (by the way, the fridge does keep bananas longer – proven by daughter science fair project) and when it’s tea time – put a cup of it in my microwave.  

Added  a bit of honey too. Now I’m having  a gingerly good tea time, chums. 

Healthy Box Reasons For Ginger Daily

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