A Juicing Experiment

A Juicer
Find a willing person to JUICE! I think I found a volunteer that worked to listen to the whizzing sounds and fruit ninja-like explosions. Generally, this same subject does not even want to drink the juice (unfortunately).

Hypothesis: Juicing will become a full-filling important part of life.

Materials: Fruits, Veggies, Juicer, Containers


1. Get a Juicer – cannot believe I found one on OfferUp (garage sale app) for $10!

2. Learn to use the juicer – was given some initial instruction from previous owners while chatting on their drive way. I reinforced my knowledge with youtube videos and now we have the gist of it.

3. Decide on juice recipes

4. Start advocating the quality of nutrients vs. actually eating veggies and fruits – trials on family members

5. Document response of juicing activities

Featured imageIMG_8415IMG_8528

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