External Use – Soft Skin

No joke. I start the day like I end it – washing dishes. So my hands, after various counter cleaners, and attacking laundry just steps away, starts to loose every last ounce of moisture. I can sometimes hear skin cracking as I leap for my lotion. Long ago I worked for a woman who ran her own food service and the amount of bleach she used on everything not to mention her neurosis (like mine about germs) made her hands look like a rock climbers, callused with open wounds. Just can’t imagine what would happen when she touched her laundry, maybe her hands would disintegrate to dust.

As always, I checked around the intertubes for solutions that would win the competition above Nivea, Lubriderm, or Jergens or any of the other expensive lotions that really just made my skin so slimy. Plus, in a minute I’d be washing my hands again any way. My feet love it and helps prolong my pedicure, plus it’s a good massage oil (for all the other places).

Incredible Absorption

I grabbed my first jar of oil to see what the hype was and now I practically slather my whole body in it. While I’m cooking I just grab me a tsp of my new, natural face conditioner (about a tsp of coconut oil) off my kitchen counter and put it on my hands, and smooth it on my face. I love just slathering this all over my sandpaper arms, transforming them to smooth, satin gloves. Then just slap my face, kiss my hands, and massage my dry eye pods to life. It would seem like I was this greasy mess, but it absorbs into my skin and kills the onset of wrinkly hands.

Separate internal and external use containers for oil

Buy a big container and separate spoonfuls into various types of containers (one with a top, spray bottle) so you can keep them in different places and to not contaminate your intake oil with external skin oil. The mini-Tupperware (I mean about 5 oz size) is for my bathroom for my knees, elbows, and hands. Did I mention massaging my neck, whole torso, and the small creases around my eyes? I may have covered my whole body, except for my hair line.

It takes a little heat to melt the solid into liquid, so putting some in a squirt bottle and just heating the bottle makes it squirtable. I suggest no double-dipping unless your hands and wherever else is clean.

Internal Use – Eat, Drink, Coconuts

Coffee:  I came across a few suggestions that coconut oil was gaining popularity as a cooking oil. I’ve tried it in coffee, but I worry that I may end up bullet proofing my bathroom instead of increasing the coffee’s value in aiding digestion. Not great in coffee.

Coconut water: So great that it looks like water and they let you bring it into hot yoga rooms. It feels good to have a water that tastes great, and if I get the pulpy type I don’t feel hungry for hours even after a long morning of bikram.

Coconut milk: I buy can after can thinking I am really gonna make tons of curry with turmeric (on the awesome food list). It never really happens, but I enjoy every silky thai noodle bowl.

I read a story about a man who died because all he ate were coconuts, I’m not that nuts.



I actually found a tool I would have invented to massage my coconut oil into my facial regime.

Very gently use this roller with the coconut oil.

Skin around the eyes benefit from the moisture so wrinkles don’t have a chance to form.

Pushing gently towards the lymph nodes that are behind and underneath the ears and drains downward.

Neck skin is so thin, so be extra careful.

At some point I will make a video of the facial massages I learned (done with ceramic spoons) but it shows a pattern of pressing out toxins towards your lymph nodes so they can be drained.

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