Yoga Space

This new project, Yoga Space, requires some essential mood-creating elements: 1. anything tantric-awesome or yogi-inspired art, 2. music and video set up for watching and learning and making my own videos 3. some incense which I got from some cool Urban Outfitters, but got the awesome case from Walmart. I’ll find the photo to add here. I’m not sure how this will affect everyone’s sinuses so we will give it a try.

Days to completion: 14 days

I want this to be done by at least 2 weeks. I’m giving myself lots of time to go through all these files and organize it a clearer mind. I tried to join a meet up to meet with all these organizational gurus – ain’t nobody got time… for that.

I will need a feng shi review once I’m done. Expect there to be a welcome meditation mat, lots of headstands, and maybe some cymbal thing (not sure if that’s my thing).