Vinegar Berry Rinse

So berry fresh and so clean, clean

Every day you bathe and rinse, so should those berries! Don’t forget to give them a few minutes with the vinegar rinse and dry.

I did the science experiment and watched my rinsed batch keep for almost two weeks. Do you know how many dollars I’ve saved per organic berry capita! I will add all the other vinegar projects on their own page soon. See that big bottle I’ve made – I could keep kegs of this for everything in my house. Now if I could just learn to make Adobo (or let it go).

Rinse: 2/3 parts vinegar to 1/3 parts water 
Don’t forget to rinse unless you like vinegary fruits which can be tasty.

Lastly, dry off the berries unless you ate them all while do this. I will put a napkin with them into the container and let them breathe. Each precious little berry is so worth the rinse.  

Part Deux: Lunch Prep – 2 Ways 2 no Waste

Glad and Rubbermaid failed to make the container tops stay near the containers. I have no idea where the tops have gone, maybe into the dishwasher. So here’s an idea that came to mind. Reuse the blueberry container you would have thrown away. Yes there are holes. So the day of simply sack into a plastic baggy.


On Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

Going to insert this here for us GERDY birds. With a diet void of sodas/acidic drinks and tomatoes, increased water and less late night eating, I was able timg_1104o rid myself of some major gastrointestinal inflammation. I don’t believe I’m completely cured, so I still do some things that help me feel better. During my exploration of trying anything to end this circle of heartburn, and stress,  I tried drinking a tonic of water and about an ounce  of ACV – Apple Cider Vinegar and I feel like this has helped. There is something cleansing in vinegar.

If we use it to keep our fruit from molding, and disinfecting countertops,  maybe that’s what it does going down – cleansing. I’d love someone to overturn the evil of pharm companies to do studies on why this inexpensive agent works. Think about this – salads use vinegar and most cultures use a vinegar based dressing as an agent of digestion. So, think there’s a link there? I do.

I ALMOST posted an article about the 45 other uses of vinegar, but why do that when there are 95! 95+ Household Vinegar Uses You Never Knew About posted by Readers Digest.