Beauty in the Balance


It’s time to confess a true addiction to yoga. The effects of what all the twisting and deep breathing poses is so freeing (not relaxing actually). I say that because half-the-time my thigh or knee is twitching in pain.

First, it’s the realization that you can fix whatever unbalanced forces are rocking your simple pose, and then the actualization that you can stand on your head, legs above in upside down splits or to the side, looking almost broken in half. This can follow the same theory that if you “trick” your muscles, you can get the most efficiency. Asanas really challenge your muscles slowly, carefully…as if should be and then aligns and balances of the systems beneath the skin.

The philosophy is not competitive, and it’s connecting. You connect with others on a non-social level, without prejudice – just being together – mindfully aware of the respect. I love the sounds of breathing and synchronization of limbs, breaths, sometimes music (never thought to listen to reggae for yoga) or the soothing sounds of soft, feather-like instructions always saying that we “invite” things to mind. I love the praying hands “Namaskar,” because it makes you spiritually aware of each finger, my solar plexus, and might as well get into position to ask God to give you balance.

Why try it if it doesn’t really help me lose weight? 

It’s not going to be a fast trim down cause you have to really push the muscles and cardio to work hard to see significant changes. I watching cross fitters, you can see what insane things they ask your body to – unusual sprints and rest, repeat. Now jump in the pool, while jumping rope, crawl on your belly  and throw some tires to your workout friend – does that work – seems so. Did you learn anything about maintaining these exercises in real life? Why act like your drunk without alcohol? It’s does not sustain. But does show is one thing – changing muscles we don’t use everyday is effective because we aren’t losing weight using the same motions so far, then activate the lazy ones and make them do a little work and now you can see results. But will they stay?

So, this IS why yoga is important: it’s moving our muscles, our skin and digestive organs and lungs – all that we ignore inside to work efficiently so that blockages can and will move. Your ability to start doing more cardio will happen due to the increased focus on breathing and mobility of muscles. Not just the big stuff, thighs, waist, everything from your finger tips to toes, and hair follicles will all be a part of your well-feeling and being.

When I started taking yoga my body returned to a younger me. Then the older me wanted to see if I’d enjoy the more intense exercises. I started running, but didn’t feel like continuing because of the stress on my knees. I had no idea or confidence that I could still run 3 miles! What I DID CONTINUE TO DO: I started being active and trying other things like biking, swimming, being mindful of what I eat, but always breathing and balancing everywhere (while I brush my teeth). Yoga is meant to be a practice. How can you fail at breathing and stretching? As I see it it’s like doing those warm ups for aerobics but all the time. Once you’re flexible and limber then you can jump into more intense stuff.

Pose Caution: Do not push yourself so hard you pull muscles or pinch nerves. You need to monitor your strength and ability every day but be comfortable. Once you injure yourself, it will be hard to do any type of exercise. I came across this book at the library: The Science of Yoga: The Risks and the Rewards. You’ve got to learn to nurture your body without harming it through any exercises you do.

Eagle Pose in New Mexico (Almagordo)

Eagle Pose in New Mexico (Almagordo)

A good reason to go to class in a studio is to avoid such situations.

A good reason to go to class is to avoid such situations.
The downward dog is bugging your inner house peace.

Check out this Real Simple article and vote on your favorite type of Yoga:

yoga types

I found this article on the Greatist youtube videos online. So we can just rev up at home: and some poses for winding down:


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