A wiff of a scent can bring positive feelings to your mind. Believe it or not.

Aroma or scents can help put you in a better mood. I’ve tried it on babies, bosses, and myself. Before I was a yoga instructor, I sold Scentsy and was quite addicted to sniffing scents since my heightened super power during pregnancy. I will also attribute the love of scents to my grandma’s who’s signature scent Estee Lauder youth dew perfume will stay with me forever. Also, I grew up in the most magnificent garden that de-stunk downtown Houston. But it wasn’t until I learned how essential oils could help with everyday self-care management.
I dropped this article here and there are so many options for blending essential oils as ointments. Once you get into the witchery, you may never need over-the-counter meds again!