Free Class Pass Sign Up & Waiver Form

Acknowledge that a “student” is only one that has signed the waiver for participation in our classes. Online participants need to identify with names or be removed from viewing. Only invited registrants with a code are allowed to participate.

NEW ONLINE FORMAT – Warriors From Home Edition

I know our special social distancing yoga practice is not the same as our in-person fitness class and you need to have a computer / ipad type device, but since I want to keep teaching I need students to stay learning. I can even teach video conferencing tutorials skills should you need them to present (for work) or be present (to class).

Plus, we can keep each other accountable for our health and keep our lives vibrant and full of yoga light. Even if we can’t be within spitting distance, we can serve as a support group during these nervous times via chat room. It’s AOL all over again.

So I am going to try and make the most of the time we have slotted for exercise at no cost to you. Who knows, this online connection may be what we need to – connect.

*This class is intended for those who have signed a waiver of your own health responsibility and understanding of exercise for Prisma Yoga and Dancefit.


  • 6:30pm Tuesdays entral Standard Time – Beginner Flow
    Yoga Live stream via Zoom Link
    is emailed to you directly

    MUTE THYSELF: Please be ready and mute your audio and hide video (if you are just interested in previewing this time).

    IDENTIFY Online with your name (not phone number) so we can tell if all are registered. You can add your name in chat as roll call.

    I will probably be teaching outside, so birds might be a thing, but it will be an opportunity to get nature into our class (ha!).

    Home Sanctuary

    I do encourage you find a yoga sanctuary in your home or yard to seek serenity, clean your mat with light mixture of dishsoap and tea tree oil (do not oil up your mat). Clear the space of dust and harmful objects. Do safely invite sensory tools of incense, candles or scentsy and make it a breathing workspace.

    Daily Homework: Spend 10 minutes in quiet meditation in Savasana or reflection.

    Virtual hugs all around!

    Audience in your homes may want to join, so you can add them to the waiver. If you would like to share this with your friends and family I think the limit is 50 participants, but not sure.


    Forming a healthy lifestyle

    It’s great to be a part of a motivational group that can keep you working toward your targets. Habits form after 21 days, so get in the habit of connecting and getting fit with others. Drinking water and eating fruits are on my list of goals but I love it more when a buddy wants to too, and now we’re making our lists and checking them twice! Cut out bad habits with a guardian angel, or a group of them.

    I committed to a trial of habit-forming activities to help my friend, Martina Faulkner with a pilot book. She’s authored a self-help book called “What If..?: How to Create the Life You Want Using the Power of Possibility.” We followed exercises and checked in with a group of random strangers each week to discuss our paths in various key areas of life: eating, hydration, exercise, creativity, and financial targets. Even though I didn’t know the people of our group, we supported each other and kept each other accountable.

    Gain some positive energy and support with family and friends as coaches for life, or come to yoga class or Zumba and find your new friends were waiting for you at practice. 

    Share this tribe post via Facebook, or email using the buttons below, and hope they get the hint to hitch up on goals.