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Forming a healthy lifestyle

It’s great to be a part of a motivational group that can keep you working toward your targets. Habits form after 21 days, so get in the habit of connecting and getting fit with others. Drinking water and eating fruits are on my list of goals but I love it more when a buddy wants to too, and now we’re making our lists and checking them twice! Cut out bad habits with a guardian angel, or a group of them.

I committed to a trial of habit-forming activities to help my friend, Martina Faulkner with a pilot book. She’s authored a self-help book called “What If..?: How to Create the Life You Want Using the Power of Possibility.” We followed exercises and checked in with a group of random strangers each week to discuss our paths in various key areas of life: eating, hydration, exercise, creativity, and financial targets. Even though I didn’t know the people of our group, we supported each other and kept each other accountable.

Gain some positive energy and support with family and friends as coaches for life, or come to yoga class or Zumba and find your new friends were waiting for you at practice. 

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