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Down for the count πŸ˜·

I’ve been hit by a heavy strain because for the past years I’ve been under more stress and yet have felt my strongest in fighting off sick days. I thought it was just a quick cold and I’d be on my feet in 12 hrs, but not sure what’s going on. 

Day 1 – just working from home to watch my kiddo by 2pm started feeling heavy headed and ready for a nap myself. 

Day 2 – kiddo’s starting to by my nurse and I need to be peeled off my bed. Quarantined in my room. Eating salty veggie chips in bed although it’s against house rules. Throat feels looks Freddy Kreuger skin and every swallow feels like  knives going down. Salty stuff helps. But no one insight to just make me a water with salt. Hub has been generously providing salty soups and Smashburger (salt burger). *when we have time for diversions – more on the topic of picking a good life partner – another way to stay healthy – through sickness and health … 

Day 3 – starting to feel better now and ready to make my ginger tea with honey 

Results from this KO: 

1. When you feel bad you don’t care to make healthy remedies, and you don’t have a brain to ask anyone to make you these witches brews. So this is a good reason to start keeping my recipes online so Hub and kiddos and help make them. Make your own website or just refer back to this one. 

2. Just feed me Pho. Lime, chicken soup and hot sauce helps keep all that sinitus symptoms down. 

3. Chest rub – breathing helps. So since I could practice my breathing techniques, I did that  but it didn’t tire me out so I tried a Ginger Mule to kick me to bed. 

I expect I’ll be better soon. Please subscribe to my page (out of sympathy) and to celebrate my first day live as blogtress. 

If I don’t survive, I’ve left this site to carry as a static reminder to eat superfoods and enjoy every moment not being sick.  Namaste 

@hub please keep my site paid for. 

Note: friend mentioned some kind of miracle healing ointment – dragons blood. sangre de grado. Now I miss Game of Thrones. 

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