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Genius Hanger Holder

Maybe because I am on this journey to an immaculate house and every where I turn – wire hangers! Like weeds in a garden, these turn up everywhere. I sat myself down trying to design some way to use hangers to hang themselves. The Internet offered a rack that would lay pricey felt hangers of all the same size but were from the Container Store. No thanks. I am not replacing these free wire hangers for everyone just to be able to organize them neatly. So after a few moments of madness, I found to my disposal a box lid that held these hangers snug and then just sort of held itself together in totem. Plus, it is easy to stack and take one off the top without a spider like mess of hanger headaches. So here’s my brilliant share for the beginning of 2016. You’re just gonna shake your head, but I love it!!!  

If you want a plastic box lid like this one, I think I got it from Office Depot or Walmart. It’s dimensions at 17x13x1 for the top. Any long lid with the inch width might do. I tucked it away and under the clothes. Jury is still hung, but I may be the best reuse designer of my home.

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